Out Of School Activities

Children that interact with others from a young age develop better communication skills that those that do not have the opportunity to do so. On top of that their creativity in play and other activity is encouraged, this can play a major part of a child’s creative development. To facilitate this our out of school activities are designed to have a fantastically diverse range of educational and physical activities. These have been specifically created to keep your child occupied, add to their well being, and develop their own interests.

We ask them to let us know of any activities they would like to be a part of in future after school care and will create an activity if parents and teachers agree.

All children are encouraged to interact with the other members in order to develop communication skills.

Activities include:

  • Various arts and craft sessions
  • Cooking
  • Handcrafts
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Dance and drama also play an important part of the curriculum.

Children also enjoy time in our private outdoor playground.

Free Collection And Transportation (to and from our programme base)

Currently we operate a service taking children to, and collecting them from the following schools and taking from to and from our programme base in Mairangi Bay:

  • Campbells Bay Primary
  • Murrays Bay Primary
  • Murrays Bay Intermediate
  • Northcross Intermediate
  • Sherwood Primary
  • Oteha Valley Primary
  • St Johns Primary
  • Glamorgan Primary
  • Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Raki Paewhenua
  • Torbay Primary

Call us today for more information:

Enquiries – 09 478 3705
Bookings – 027 440 6363
Accounts – 027 440 6363
Email: kids.choice@infogen.net.nz

Our Team

The best and brightest

Owner: Barb

  • 11 years out of school care provider
  • Level 5 early child care diploma
  • 59 years office administration
  • Clean drivers License
  • Police vetted every 2 years

Owner: Tash

  • 11 years out of school care providerState registered nurse – 19 years
  • Clean drivers License
  • Police vetted every 2 years

Supervisor: Rachel

  • 3 years out of school care
  • British qualified early child care teacher – 22 years
  • Child Abuse Awareness trained
  • Clean drivers License
  • Police vetted every 2 years

All staff:

First Aid Certified
Clean Driver’s License
Police vetted every 2 years



Why Us

Our Approach

As a premier out of school care and recreation provider we ensure your children get the very best before and after school care. Our curriculum provides a number of activities that are specifically designed to stimulate and enhance communication skills, group participation and physical exercise. Within a fun and safe learning environment we have created a programme were your child can excel in their studies, have instilled in them a healthy body and mind and enjoy their time with us. We believe we have the most dedicated out of school care programme in Auckland which is what makes us the top choice for your child’s care.

We are approved by Child Youth and Family service therefore allowing parents to apply for an OSCAR subsidy towards their child’s care.

Teacher only days:
full or half-days

Sometimes it just isn’t possible for a parent to get a full or half day off of work and we understand that. As necessary as it is for teachers to have teachers only day, the companies we work for still need to keep operating. With this in mind we offer a program enabling parents to keep going to work even when the kids can’t be at school.

Full day – parents drop children off at Programme base from 7am.

An off-site excursion is usually planned

Parents may collect children from our base from 4pm til 6pm

Open from 7am we can provide a healthy breakfast if required

Half day – Collect children from school at half day closing time (usually lunchtime)

An on-site activity is usually planned

Parents may collect children from our base from 4pm til 6pm

Base address :  Mairangi Bay Presbyterian Church hall, 10 Penzance Rd, Mairangi Bay

  • Afternoon tea consists of sandwiches, fruit and plain biscuits. On occasions, a special afternoon tea is provided : cherrios, hot chips, pizza.  macaroni cheese etc