An entertaining programme is available while parents are at work but the children are on school holidays. Our holiday programmes are designed to be fun and educational.

Enjoy trips to place such as the zoo, wave pools, kelly tarltons and more.

On-site activities such as cooking, craft, outdoor play etc.

Our School holiday program has loads of choices to keep your little ones entertained!

Don’t let your kids say they are bored during their school breaks as they can be entertained and educated in a safe environment with expert guidance and care from our highly experienced staff. These programs are guaranteed to teach, inspire and exhaust even the most restless of children so when they get home they will be ready to relax before starting the next exciting day.

Designed for children aged from 5 to 14 years old the activities will entertain and educate while Mum and Dad are at work. We have three trip days per week while two days per week we organise a programme to be held in the church hall.

We provide printed tee shirts to wear on trip days and rash shirts to wear when we are participating in water activities.

Please contact us for more details.

I love this programme, staff are really friendly

— Kate Morrison